Steven Riggs Artist

Welcome to an insight into the art of Steven Riggs

Classical oil painting and striking portraits in graphite, oil and mixed media

The Sidewalk Artist                                    12"x16"  oil on canvas


 Please feel free to schedule a studio / atelier visit. Email the artist


Please feel free to contact me at (614)448-8073 or by email at  Free consultations and studio visits are available.

I do not charge any extra for preliminary photographs for contracted portraits. I offer portrait pricing to fit any budget. I will work with you! Evryone who wants to own original art should!

ART is my focus! Creativity is the driving force of humanity. It is the Godlike element of humanity. It is so powerful - it is the first thing surppressive governments and religious structures try to control or surpress! Be creative and support the arts.

 Contact the artist at:

Steven Riggs, artist\  (614)448-8073  or


1. Emily  2. Fall Symphony  3, High Places  4. Lilliam


 Steven Riggs is a professional artist specializing in affordable classical works of art including portraits. Steven only uses archival materials and works utilizing old world techniques that have been time tested.

Steven offers free consultations. Graphite portraits of one subject start at only $65 FOR  a 9x12". 


"SEPTEMBER GRASS"  oil on canvas  12x18 inches    (email for pricing)


NOVEMBER 15 through DECEMBER 30th 2021

THE COLUMBUS CULTURAL ARTS CENTER presents an exclusive solo exhibit of Master Works by artist STEVEN RIGGS in the Loft Gallery.


Beau Deese

graphite on archival Renaissance rag stock. 16"x20"

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